Selected works

  • Díjnet Bot

    Incrementally downloads bills from Díjnet and organizes them into folders. It can be configured in multiple ways, ideal to be run as a scheduled task, and you can use it even without opening a terminal.
    Source code / #crawler #nodejs

    Why wouldn't I list my website as a reference? :) It's a multilingual, static site built with Bootstrap, Jekyll, and some custom SCSS and Ruby code.
    Website / Source code / #bootstrap #jekyll #scss #static #website
  • Cordis Projects Crawler

    Grabs EU projects' information from CORDIS and OpenAIRE. Downloads the raw XML files and it can generate TSV or MySQL export. I implemented it using a modular approach, can be extendended in Kotlin/Java.
    Website / Source code / #crawler #kotlin
  • Red Flags

    One of my first complex projects. I had to automatize crawling and analyzing of public procurement data, and publish the information with subscription feature. I implemented a template based parser for the input HTMLs.
    Website / Source code / #bootstrap #crawler #freemarker #java #springboot #webapp
  • TenderBase

    Similar to Red Flags, but without indicators. I used the XML files as input instead of HTMLs, and I built the crawler on a 3rd party batch library. The project's speciality is that it converts public tender data to OCDS.
    Website / Source code / #bootstrap #crawler #kotlin #springboot #thymeleaf #webapp
  • PubSearch

    This was my thesis at university. It's a desktop app which helps you search in multiple publication databases (Google Scholar, ACM, Springer, etc.) and crawl citations too. In 2013, Softpedia included it in its public database.
    Related post / Website / Source code / #crawler #java #javafx
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